Glogs from Van Meter - Van Meter is linked to the Wiki that won Edublog's Bestd Educational Wiki of the Year!!!! All from around the world; check some out. The school librarian did the Glogs - here is her school blog - Van Meter Voice. Might want to check out Van Meter's district wiki - get a sense of the energy this 1 to 1 school is putting into technology.
Glogster - poster maker

Jing Screencast

You can capture "stills" or up to a 5 minute video using Jing software/service. I subscribe to the upgrade - $15/year - few added features that escape memory...
Screencast on Netvibes - this is one of my first first demonstrates Netvibes - kind of a group iGoogle. This is the site you are seeing on the screencast - It is a school in North Carolina. (Greg and I first learned of netvibes 2 years ago from Wesch - anthropologist from K-State - National Prof of the Year last year - at 36 or so years of age!!!)
Screencast on Drupaled - drupaled, an open source software, is used extensively by Science Learning Academy in Philly. Their use is the topic of this screencast. SLA home page on drupaled -
Student Visions from SLA school website on drupaled -


The Thinking Stick on Netvibes
ISB 5th grade Netvibes portaportal tab
Ms. McAllon's Netvibe Tab
Ms McAllon's Blog
Taiga's Blog - my comment is to her Dec 16th post titled - "My Favorite Country" - Check out the supportive teacher (Ms. McAllon) comment on that post.

The Jing on Netvibes screencast uses all 5 of the above sites. You will get a much better feel by going to the sites; the screencast is intended to simply whet your appetite. It is not intended as training, rather awareness.


Here is a portaportal for FP - just got started. For $15/year you can escape the advertising. (I haven't paid the 15 bucks yet.....) The basic idea is to have a way to organize and make available on the web a wide range of links. ISB uses its portaportal (see above) as a home page for netvibes.