Quaglia’s Zones
Panic -- students have been pushed too far, too hard, too quickly by well-meaning teachers who haven't taken the time to fully understand the nature of the students.
Comfortable -- presents no real challange to students who coast through school with nary a worry. The comfort zone could soon become a bore.
Challenge -- students discover that many of the tasks that are assigned to them trigger an adrenaline rush. The students apply newfound skills to an assortment of projects.

How can staff at Future Pathways. . .
Challenge. . .

  • Grr . . . Gradual release of responsibility. I do, you watch; we do together; You do, I watch.....More exemplars and teacher directedness at first will give students ideas with which they can be successful.
  • Encourage them to finish a class more quickly than they finished their last class

Involve. . .
  • Commit to more student sessions where students have the opportunity to meet others and have their voice heard
  • Make public their accomplishments
  • Self assessments of attitudes, skills and behaviors

Encourage. . .
  • Have a meaningful conversation about goals and accomplishments once a week
  • Support them in presentations as their advocate
  • Give them the opportunity to set/voice/own their goals

. . .all students?