Computers and Information Course

Meeting on 2/25/10
Met with Greg, Denise, Steve, Mary and Penny V. Heidi vidieoed. Notes of C&I class are in this file

Tech ideas from Humanities

Tech Ideas from Tech SIP

  • College visits
  • Trade visit
  • Job Corp visit IWD office to gather info re: JC (db)

Team Meeting: Greg, Teresa, Steve, Denise, Gene, Erin
Greg shared with us his GRASPS for Visioning using technology and self learning. The following ideas were tweaked by our group:
“MovieMaker” GRASPS will be changed to the bigger topic of using technology to envision graduation. In addition, the project will somehow be public – inviting friends, family, home school support, putting it out on youtube etc because making work public increases quality and sharing goals increases the likelihood of meeting them.
“SELF LEARNING” GRASPS is a focus on finding and using available resources that supports students goals and student learning. In addition to the components, Greg will work on the idea of evidence of being able to self learn – such as the use of JING to show how to access a tutorial. In addition we will ask for two or so “post secondary experiences”. We will start a list of options on the wiki page for this course.
“WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Greg will work on GRASPS before our next meeting on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 8:30.
“BLOGGING” or reflective thinking will be moved to advisory. I will set up a meeting with Steve and others to design what this can look like.
“INFORMATION LITERACY”: Teresa and I will work with the Humanities to help design what students should learn in the course to help them in other courses.
We agreed that this course will be used for new students and as an intervention for regular students who might not be making progress. The expectation for both is that the course is completed within two weeks.
Finally, I will send an email to staff regarding this course and its expectation and availability.

Team Meeting: Greg, Teresa, Steve, Denise, Gene, Erin

Thanks for meeting this morning. Here is what we left with:
Broad Ideas to be detailed by Greg and others:
1. Information literacy
a. Research
b. Information Fraud
c. Malicous information
d. Citations

2. How to find tutorials and other resources to self learn
3. Workforce Development Resources
4. Library Resources
5. Authentic, public posting of work on self that allows for comments/feedback (Youtube, Jing, Globster, etc)
a. Visioning of self
b. Current talents and gifts
c. Values/what is important to me
d. How am I motivated
6. Possible – Blogging to journal about education, learning, and creating

We will meet again on Tuesday, February 2 at 8:30 in Greg’s room. Greg – if you get some details on this work before Tuesday, please email out.