Please go to the classes YOU teach (they should be together).
Then add types of classes that "fit well" with the classes you teach. (See the math classes below as an example.) Thxs!

Art -
Independent Art -

BUSINESS: Business Careers. Computer Applications, General Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Economics (economics of business area of their business project)
History (history of their business interest)
English (products produced in business projects - business plans, resumes, etc)
Science (work on the science of their career or business project)
Art (business aspects of their art interests)
Music (business aspects of producing or performing music)
Math (use computer programs to do math)
Family and Consumer Science (business aspects of life choices or skills aquired in FCS classes)

ICE Level 1 - Fits with any class that includes career exploration in a project. Journal may fit with English.

English 9 - All Social Studies, Science, Adult Living, Reading, Speech, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, General Business, Business Careers, some Art (viewing), some Music, Child Development, Fashion, Parenting, Psychology, Sociology...possibilities are endless
English 10 - ""
English 11 -""
Independent Reading -
Senior English - Same as E 9,10,11
Speech - fits with any class in the curriculum. The format of presentation might need adjustment, but overall, a student can present a speech to inform on any given topic, persuasive speeches work well with government classes, demonstration speeches with nearly any class and a powerpoint or movie works as well. The content can be in any subject area as long as presentation skills involving oral communication can be measured.

Journalism - Governement, English, History

Strategic Reading -

ELL - picture ELL paired with anything that involves the following: writing, reading, speaking, ANYTHING really.

Adult Living -
Child Development -
Fashion -
Food & Consumer -
Food & Nutrition -
Parenting -
Sewing Technology -

Conceptual Algebra - Business, esp. Computr Apps, Science, Econ and Gov't, Adult Living.
Integrated Algebra I - see above
Integrated Algebra II - see above
Integrated Geometry - Art and some of the above.

Ear & Key Training Skills - English, Reading, Speech, History, Government, ELL, Art, Math, Science, Adult Living, Economics, Sociology.
Independent Study Music - All of the above including Business and Cultural Studies, Child Development.
Music Theory - Science, Math, History, Psychology.
There is no class offered at FP that could not be successfully coordinated in a cross-curricular setting with one or more of the above music courses.

Physical Education -

Biology -
Chemistry -
Earth Science -
Interactive Science -

Cultural Studies - Art, Sewing, Fashion, Foods
US History - Science, Art,
Economics - Janis's Career courses, Business, Adult Living, Science, Sewing
Government - Adult Living, Science, Art,
Psychology - Biology, Art, Child Development, Parenting, Adult Living
Sociology - Biology, Earth Science, Art, Adult Living, Parenting, Child Development
World History - Art, Science,
(All Social Studies, English, Reading, Computer Apps, and Speech courses are complimentary)