Cell Phones in Education - Ban Them or Use Them?
Cell phones aka mobile phones are more than just a phone. Some call them mobile computing devices.

Cell Phone as Podcasting Tool

I've been following Liz Kolb's blog - Toys to Tools. Some great ideas and resources. One tool is using your cell to make a podcast. I set up a Gcast account (free); then I:
  • Found the NPR segment I wanted to play
  • Dialed my Gcast phone number
  • Entered my access code
  • Put my phone on speaker mode
  • I spoke a brief introduction
  • Hit play on the audio player
  • Laid the phone down
  • When the segment was completed I recorded a closing and hit #
  • Went to my Gcast account and found my most recent recording (ie podcast-able audio file)
  • Copied the embed code
  • Pasted it below.

Now YOU can listen to my podcast of re "Why Study Algebra....?" It is about six minutes long. I hope you catch just a little humor in Scott Simon's opening remark. Enjoy!

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Obviously making a podcast off the radio is bore-ring, but I didn't think I could get you to listen to me :-) Would be great for interviews; for an audio diary. How could this be built in to projects for our students?

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