National Career Readiness Certificate

  • ACT developed
  • Iowa Workforce Development is Iowa's coordicator
  • Carig Immerfall is IWD's CRC consultant
  • National Website link
  • Over 400k certificates awarded in US; almost 3k in Iowa
  • Four levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold and (you guessed it) Platinum
  • WorkKeys - Jobs require different skill levels. The categories:
  1. applied math,
  2. locating information and
  3. reading for information


From preliminary discussions with Mr. Immerfall, the certificate test could be administered at FP. Through DMACC, students may be able to access and study to improve skills.

I'd suggest we bring CRC to FP. Participation might be tied to Advisory credit.

Questions for Mr. Immerfall:

How long does "test" take? Paper or online? How long to score?
Other schools using CRC?
How different from Compass?