Boot Camp


FP will have an extended orientation period for selected students next year. This period has been dubbed "boot camp". Someone described it as a time that will get students prepared to be successful at FP. An observation was "Oh, kind of like "boot camp" eh?" That terminology has stuck. It may change as we formalize, but the concept seems apt.

So, the purpose of boot camp might be to: prepare students to be successful in the FP learning environment. Novel idea? Perhaps, but think of other transition periods for learners. The transition into Middle School, into High School, into College. All of these have formalized efforts to assist the learner in being successful in a different setting. They have different names and designs, but all have the common thread - this place is different and we want you to succeed.

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a place to make and take notes, to discuss themes/issues and to store our "boot camp" description. We will use the discussion page to comment on ideas and issues. Let's try to use page to draft material that has been discussed. The first discussion thread is about format - What do you think about the 5 Ws and an H as a format for our boot camp document? Please click on the discussion tab and read, reflect and write!

Edutopia Webinar

Just finished an Edutopia Webinar on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) seems somewaht related to Boot Camp

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Meet on Thursday 4th and Tuesday 9th

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