WORD (to ya motha')

I always thought Word was only for word documents! To my suprise, I have learned that Word can do quite a bit! My work may look simplistic, but for me it is very advanced!

My first attempt to do anything in Word other than type a simple document. I can see address lables comming in handy. They look very simple, next time I think I will use a template instead of creating one scratch.

I have seen documents with comments on them, and had wondered how people did that. Now I know, as you can see in the above "comments document".

I had fun making a table. It was user friendly and once I found the toolbar I needed, it was pretty quick.

I was confused when making my theme document. I thiought it was going to set up the format on the page. But, instead it only set up the background. I do not know when this would be helpful. I think if I wanted a different looking background, Power Point would be the way to go.

This was cool! I like they way it turned out and was very easy to figure out. I think if I were planning a meeting, this would come in handy. I like how big the print is.

Power to the Point

This was pretty fun, but I found it to be time consuming. There is a lot that can be done with Power Point. I think students need to be more aware of all the things this program can do. I was excited to figure out how to put the photo album in the presentation. I found myself changing and changing and adding more just for fun. I can see how easy it is to go over board as I have seen in many student presentations. I do not like how it looked with the serif and the non serif. I think consistency is key to making it look professional.

Publis This...

I knew little about publisher before doing this. I knew how to open it and show students how to make a brochure. There are some cool things in this program. I can see it being worthwhile for projects. I made a menu and a for sale sign. There are countless templates to use, and I found it to be user friendly and it was fun to be creative! I must say, making the menu made me really hungry!

Photo Shop Hop



Wow, I really had some issues with this program! I was really frustrated at first. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how Photo Shop worked. It is not very user friendly, and the “help” did not really help me! I like the way the photos turned out when they were manipulated, but it was a slow and aggravating process.

Shake Your Movie Maker
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I worked sooo hard on my movie and I was so proud of it! It was all about music (Sarah and Eve saw it). It had information about my favorite bands, how many times I have seen them, and why I value music so much. It even had a really cute picture of my parents! I saved an older version and noticed it the second after I pushed the button! I almost puked and almost cried. I had worked so hard on this movie and was really excited to show my parents. Technology can really be a pain in the neck, and I have had it. It is to the point when I cannot even stand to open the program!

I found it and added to it so it is almost as good as it was before! Enjoy...

Out with Atari, in with new age Gaming!
NINTENDO WII!! I had the opportunity to play the Nintendo Wii! Wow, was that fun. I really enjoyed this and I think I will be buying one in the near future. I played bowling and then Wii Fit! The Wii fit is an addition to the Wii. It looks like a scale, and it does know your weight! It even measures your BMI (body mass index). I down hill skied, ski jumped, headed soccer balls, and did Yoga. This is a not only a great workout, but it is truly fun! I was able to work up a sweat while I was laughing and thoroughly enjoying myself. I would recommend this counsel and the addition of the Wii Fit.


I played Restaurant Empire. I was able to be creative in designing my own restaurant. I found this to be pretty user friendly, and fun. I think it would be a good game for a student to play who is planning on opening his/her own restaurant. I can see this working well for a student who is taking entrepreneurship, general business an/or foods. There are many decisions to be made and the success of the restaurant depends on the decisions made.

SIMS 2- Played this, still don't understand it as well as some students do! I plan to block out about a 4 hour block so I can sit down and concentrate more on this game. I have the main idea and I think it will be a great game for Adult Living.

Wow! This is really cool! I went to jott.com and signed up for free. They sent me an email to verify that I was signing up. It was really easy to complete the registration. They told me to call 1-866-JOTT-123. I called and they said "Hello Alison!" Then they walked me through leaving a JOTT(message that you call in and will be sent out electronically). It was about 4 minutes from the time I went to JOTT.com to the time I got my first JOTT! For example, I left myself a JOTT (meaning I called the # and left a message) and within minutes, I received an email and a text message! I figured they would email me, but I was surprised to get a text! I set up a reminder and they sent me a text message! I think this is really cool! I would be sure your incoming text messages are free before you put your cell # down though. I sent a JOTT to Erin and Silvia. I sent this JOTT:

Jott to self

Add ReminderCreated On: 30 Jun 2008, 8:13amDid you remember to pack the tent? Send to Move to list Delete Public URL
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I was sent this via email and text message seconds later!
Did you remember to pack the tent?
Jott Reminder set for: Monday, June 30, 2008 - 8:30 AM
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Jott Tip: Forward this message to jott@jott.com with "Snooze" in the Subject and you will snooze this reminder for 15 minutes.
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They are even working on letting us listen to pod casts on JOTT! If you had a lot of people signed up on this, it would be even cooler! I really like this site! Look out, I may be JOTTing you soon! This is cool!