Bringing Meaning to 21st Century Skills

Let's try a similar process to 21st Century Skills as we did to the 6 Facets and the 6 As . . . Bring meaning to them. We can't define them well with one word lines in this case though. This will require a little research on our part as well as what we know. After giving some thought and research, add small phrases or brief sentences to what you believe having these 21st century skills mean.

As a staff we looked at 21st C. Skills and collected some data - see . Another source is

21st Century Skill
Noted By
International Perspective

Ability to function in diverse cultures, accepting and appreciating differences across countries/cultures, understanding the rapidly changing nature of global production and trade, and learning to see how to "fit" in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.
International Perspectives: Having an understanding of the cultures and religions of the world and
applying that knowledge to situations (analyzing a current event, travelling, etc)--A general, holistic
awareness of our world that contains minimal bias (and an awareness of your biases)

Health and Wellness


Ability to SEND and RECIEVE information. Sending (or transmitting) includes speaking, writing and to a lesser extent sending non-verbal messages. Receiving includes the ability to understand and take IN information by reading, listening, and again to a lesser extent "reading non-verbal messages". These interactions may occur face to face, through written hardcopy, or digitally stored/transmitted medium. The 21st century skills in this arena have been expanded dramatically in the last 10-20 years due to technology.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Creativity & Innovation

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

The ability to i) define a problem, ii) to determine its root causes, iii) to identify alternative solutions to reduce/eliminate those causes, iv) to select the best alternative(s), v) to implement the solution(s) and vi) check to see that it is in fact working. Related skills include the ability to think in terms of processes and systems, to collect and analyze data, to work collaboratively with others (on a team frequently), to be creative and to be an implementor and change agent.

Financial and Economic Literacy



Social and Civic Responsibility

Being a responsible member of society in everyway--being knowledeable about our world (the people
and nations), our earth (the physical planet itself), our country, and human rights.
Acting responsibly with the knowledge you have by recycling, voting, etc.

Adaptability and Resilience

To be flexible - to move if your cheese moves - to open minded, to continuously improve and to seek new paradigms when the old ones no longer work. Resilience - to get up after you've been knocked down; to learn from our mistakes and be Energized, not deflated from them!!